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Rockland County Pest Control Services

It’s been a pleasure earning the faith of homeowners across Rockland who affirm that their pest-free homes is a result of our competence.

Annual Pest Protection program (APP)

For your all year round plans, Homeowners are saying you’d be unquestionably smart to enroll in our ever-popular Annual Pest Protection program.

Call it your own year-round bodyguard service against unwanted intruders, if you will.

Homeowners tell us they grow exceedingly frantic with rodents or insects camping out in their family residence. With an APP program, it aint happening. You can feel calm and enjoy peace of mind when enrolling in our APP program all year long. Envision your property and family remaining pest-free for 12 months a year.

Seasonal Pest Protection program (SPP)

Sometimes all it takes is the SPP program offered by Pest Arrest to get in the way of pesky creatures who make their seasonal grand appearance.

For your Spring plans this year, consider enrolling in our SPP program where our team’s ivy-league training utilize highly- targeted extermination strategies to protect you from your seasonal nuisances.

With the benefit of being enrolled in the SPP, your property and family remain pest-free for 6 months, bringing you freedom and peace of mind that is maintained all season long.
It’s farewell to the mice, wasps, flies and insects. That’s because with our SPP program you won’t be swapping anything come Spring. Summer. Or Fall.

Wasps Prevention

Got Wasps every year surrounding your home, their stingers drawn, ready to sting? Call us at (845)425-PEST and find out how you can enjoy the outdoors this year while keeping your family safe.

Stink Bug Prevention

Ever had stink bugs encroach your home like an army invasion? Call us at (845)425-PEST and find out how we can help you enjoy the privacy and comfort of your home by keeping invaders out.

Contact us (845)425-7378(PEST) for a free, no-obligation quote!