Rockland County Commercial Pest Control

It’s been a pleasure earning the faith of business owners across NY and NJ who affirm their sparkling reputation is a result of our competence. Our company, Pest Arrest, has brought the freedom and peace of mind to those who recognize the value of extremely professional pest protection.

Rockland County Commercial Exterminator

You see, we’re more than an ordinary pest control company. We’re the preferred, real experts with scientific knowledge of pests, a deep understanding of your facility, and a successful track record of proven solutions, going to all lengths to see that no problem, er, pest(!) escapes our proficiency.

Rockland County Commercial Pest Control

Rockland County Commercial Pest Control

White Glove Service Utilizing Latest Technology

We’re delighted, over the course of our work, to offer discreet, white glove service utilizing the latest technology and paralleled training for relief from a threatening pest problem. Our company prides itself on respectively testing each chemical, often alternating types to combat specific pest nuisances.

Because we are super-focused on targeted extermination, keeping away from a single sprayer one-size-fits-all solution, many of our satisfied clients will boast of our year-round protection, with a direct, results-driven process.

Pest Control can take many forms, and for us, it’s always about helping to protect your business. We therefore independently test our own bed bug chemicals for effectiveness and perform lab-tests for rare breeds of insects.

And we don’t procrastinate. Pest Arrest is on the clock, year-round, so you could be sure no commercial building owner has ever ditched our company for lack of satisfactory or timely service. In fact, commercial establishments, although lured by competitors with enticing rates, will remain unswerving in their trust and loyalty of our service.

Impressive Repertoire of Commercial Clients

Pest Arrest’s repertoire boasts clients from across the spectrum of foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, multifamily, office, and retail establishments.

Why Pest Arrest? We’re simply heads above the rest when it comes to pest control. No doubt, when we’re in, they’re out.

We welcome the opportunity of servicing your commercial institution very soon.

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